ETA Certifications Overview

Founded in 1978, the Electronics Technicians Association, Press (ETA® Press) represents the electronics industry, from the technician and educator to the corporate institution. ETA has issued over 150,000 technical certifications covering more than 80 certification programs in a variety of technology fields. You can find ETA-certified professionals working for many well-known companies like Motorola, Google, ESPN, and the United States Armed Forces.

What Is Certification?

Certification is a voluntary action by a professional group to establish a system to grant recognition to professionals who have met a stated level of training and work experience. Certified individuals are usually issued a certificate attesting that they have met the standards of the credentialing organization and are entitled to make the public aware of their credentialed status, usually through the use of acronyms (i.e., CET- Certified Electronics Technician; FOI-Fiber Optics Installer; CSS-Customer Service Specialist) after their names.

Certifications differ from certificate programs because certifications, by definition, include a work experience component. Many also include a Hands-On skills assessment. Certificate programs, on the other hand, award certificates once a course of study has been completed and do not require previous work experience.

Why Is Certification Desirable?

Certification sets those with the credential apart, or above, those without it. There are a number of advantages to seeking certification. Certification provides recognition of professional achievement. For many, achieving certification becomes a personal professional goal-a way to test knowledge and to measure it against one’s peers. Others see certification as an aid to career advancement. Many employers won’t hire applicants if they can’t show that they are knowledgeable in their field. Certification provides this proof. Certification holders also increase their earnings and promotion potential.

Purpose and Use of Certification

Certification shows that the holder has accepted the challenge to stay informed of new developments in their career field. The ETA certification exams are completely voluntary. These designations are a visible reminder to peers and co-workers of the holder’s significant professional achievement. ETA-certified professionals should proudly display their certificates, wallet cards and lapel pins, and use their earned credentials on business correspondence.

Who Takes ETA Exams?






Military Personnel







ETA Certification – Helping Professionals Excel in the Electronics-Related Industries

Certification shows the world that you have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to perform better on the job. ETA’s widely recognized certification programs, modeled after international competency standards, offers both Stand-Alone certification exams and Journeyman certification exams. We’ve made ETA certification affordable and accessible for you, with our tests available online and at Approved Schools. To help you pass, we also offer downloadable study materials and practice tests.

Career Advancement with ETA

A certified professional often appears more dedicated, more skilled and thus more attractive to prospective employers, and can help you advance your career. View some of the business and organizations who currently employ ETA-certified professionals. Or visit our Career Resource Center job board to view current open positions. You can also ask your employer if they can provide you with reimbursement for ETA certification exams.

ETA Certification – Helping Educators Help Students

As a worldwide provider of accredited, vendor-neutral electronics certifications, ETA always seeks to meet the educational and training needs of educators in the electronics industry. We recognize that quality training and certification for instructors and students helps give your institution an edge and helps to produce well-rounded professionals who are better prepared to join the workforce.

We can assist your institution and your students with our downloadable study materials and practice tests.

ETA Certification – Helping Businesses Gain an Edge Over the Competition

Businesses that encourage or employ certified electronics professionals have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Certification may not only give professionals the knowledge and skills to perform better on the job, but also enable them to work more efficiently, to require less additional training and to be more satisfied with their careers. Thus, having or hiring certified professionals could influence your bottom line in areas such as operational efficiency, employee retention rates and customer satisfaction.

ETA Certification – Helping Military Professionals Transition to Civilian Life

At ETA, we are committed to working with the government to ensure our electronics certifications match the updated skills and knowledge needed to excel in various government or military positions. If you are a military professional and looking for an additional way to build life-long skills that you can also carry with you into civilian life, get started today with one of ETA’s more than 80 electronics certifications. We create all of our certifications with the help of independent professionals from government, military and academic institutions. And under the GI Bill, the Veteran’s Administration can now reimburse you or an eligible child or spouse for many of the expenses for taking one of our approved certifications or obtaining or renewing your license.

ETA is accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC). ICAC is an alliance of organizations dedicated to assuring competency, professional management, and service to the public by encouraging and setting standards for licensing, certification, and credentialing programs.

ICAC itself operates under the international guidelines established as a quality assurance regime for accreditation bodies (ISO/IEC 17011 – Conformity Assessment:  General Requirements for Accreditation Bodies Accrediting Conformity Assessment Bodies),  and has established assessment tools and processes that assure certification bodies are in compliance with ISO/IEC 17024 (2012):  Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons. By having ICAC accreditation, ETA can assure their certifications have been reviewed by a neutral third party and been found to meet or exceed reasonable levels of record keeping, security, objectivity, and professionalism.