ARINC Installer, Technician (AFI/AFT)

ARINC Installer, Technician (AFI/AFT)

ARINC organizes aviation industry committees and participates in related industry activities that benefit aviation at large by providing technical leadership and guidance. These activities directly support aviation industry goals: promote safety, efficiency, regularity, and cost-effectiveness in aircraft operations. ARINC recognizes ETA International as the fiber optic industry training certification entity in regards to the aerospace industry in the United States. The ARINC certification is based on the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards.

ARINC Industry Activities organizes and provides the secretariat for international aviation organizations (AEEC, AMC, FSEMC) which coordinate the work of aviation industry technical professionals and lead the development of technical standards for airborne electronic equipment, aircraft maintenance equipment and practices, and flight simulator equipment used in commercial, military, and business aviation. The AEEC, AMC, and FSEMC develop consensus-based, voluntary standards that are published by ARINC and are known as ARINC Standards. The use of ARINC Standards results in substantial technical and economic benefit to the aviation industry.

Additional Information

  • FREE retake! ETA allows one free retake with all ETA certification exams after a 30-day waiting period. (This does not apply to FCC exams.) Retakes must be completed within one year of the first exam session.
  • ACCREDITED by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC)

AFI/AFT Exam Info

Price: $175
Type of Certification: Stand-Alone
Maintenance Required:
Certification Term: 1 Yr
Hands-On Required:
Questions on Exam: 75
Passing Score: 75%
Time Allowed to Test: 2 hours