General Communications Technician - Level 3 (GCT3)

General Communications Technician – Level 3 (GCT3)

The General Communications Technician Level 3 certification is a journeyman level program that goes beyond the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidelines covering all of the disciplines in the COMT program. The GCT-3 program details all areas that a radio communications technician and/or engineer will encounter in the public safety communications or business – commercial radio fields. GCT-3 explores various communications schemes at the system design and engineering levels. GCT-3 examines the most current technology, and promotes good engineering practices; and in concept, takes into consideration all system design parameters at the engineering level. GCT-3 focuses on system design, examining the advantages and pitfalls associated with modern day communications systems, therefore allowing system designers to create the best systems possible for every unique situation. The GCT certification program follows a stackable certification format. GCT-3 can only be obtained after successful attainment of GCT-2 certification. Please re-examine the General Communication Technician Level 1 and Level 2 competencies for prior descriptions of their knowledge benchmarks.

Additional Information

GCT3 Exam Info

The prerequisite for the GCT3 is the General Communications Technician – Level 2 (GCT2) certification.

Price: $100
Type of Certification:
Maintenance Required:
Certification Term: 4 Yrs
Hands-On Required: No
Questions on Exam: 100
Passing Score: 75%
Time Allowed to Test: 2 hours