General Communications Technician - Level 1 (GCT1)

General Communications Technician – Level 1 (GCT1)

The General Communications Technician certification is a program that is modeled after communication systems basics and the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidelines covering all of the disciplines in the COMT program. The purpose of the GCT is to provide a study guide and training program, along with the appropriate certification testing that covers all of the areas a radio communications technician and engineer will encounter in the public safety communications or business/commercial radio field.

Additional Information

GCT1 Exam Info

Price: $100
Type of Certification: Stand-Alone
Maintenance Required:
Certification Term: 4 Yrs
Hands-On Required: No
Questions on Exam: 75
Passing Score: 75%
Time Allowed to Test: 2 hours