Small Wind Installer - Level 1 (SWI-LVL1)

Small Wind Installer – Level 1 (SWI1)

The Small Wind Installer – Level 1 certification provides practical assessments in wind power energy generation under 100 kW. Hands-on training from an ETA-approved school is necessary and individuals should be educated in the following topics include: theory of wind energy and electrical generation; site evaluation; design and selection of wind systems; proper installation, components and troubleshooting methods; safety; finance; and environmental assessment and management.

Additional Information

  • FREE retake! ETA allows one free retake with all ETA certification exams after a 30-day waiting period. (This does not apply to FCC exams.) Retakes must be completed within one year of the first exam session.
  • ACCREDITED by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC)

eITprep LogoETA is proud to partner with eITprep to offer an online study resource for this ETA certification – only $59.95! You will have 6 months to complete the content. These courses are for self-study or certification maintenance purposes only, and do not lead to certification. You will need to sit for the appropriate exam by contacting an ETA Certification Administrator and/or ETA-Approved School.

SWI1 Exam Info

Price: $150
Type of Certification: Stand-Alone
Maintenance Required:
Certification Term: 4 Yrs
Hands-On Required:
Questions on Exam: 86
Passing Score: 75%
Time Allowed to Test: 2 hours