Information Technology Security (ITS)

Information Technology Security (ITS)

This examination is to be attempted by cybersecurity professionals having previous knowledge of basic information technology security fundamentals including network security operations, computer security, installation, troubleshooting, disaster prevention planning, upgrade and recovery procedures.

Prior knowledge and ETA certification with the NST, CST, NCT or other equivelants is highly suggested.

If you hold a Standalone ITS and later complete the Associate CET (CETa), then you are eligible to upgrade to a Journeyman CET! To apply for the Journeyman CET, you must have two or more years of combined work and electronics training. To upgrade, please fill out the Journeyman CET upgrade form. Journeyman upgrades are $50.

Additional Information

ITS Exam Info

Price: $100
Type of Certification: or
Maintenance Required:
Certification Term: 4 Yrs
Hands-On Required: No
Questions on Exam: 100
Passing Score: 75%
Time Allowed to Test: 2 hours