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Who Employs ETA-Certified Professionals?


ETA International represents a wide variety of professionals from many industries, including: avionics, biomedical, data cabling, fiber optics, gaming & vending, industrial electronics, information technology, renewable energy, smart home, and wireless communications. ETA also offers FCC Commercial Radio Operator licensing. Employers worldwide choose ETA-certified professionals because of ETA’s certification programs’ competency criteria and testing benchmarks that conform to the highest international electronics standards.


ETA-certified professionals work for some of the most widely-known companies, including Bellsouth, ADT Security, American Airlines, AutoZone, Boeing, Budweiser, Canon, Caterpillar, Ford Motor Company, Google, Home Depot, Kmart, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Quest Communications, Raytheon, State Farm, TD Ameritrade, Verizon Communications and more!

Prepare For An Exam

Do you need study materials for your certification exam? ETA offers many of the suggested study materials (listed at the end of each of our competencies) in the ETA online store. If you don’t see the specific book you are looking for, then please check online or your local bookstore.

ETA also publishes two books in-house for the popular Associate CET (CETa) basic electronics and Customer Service Specialist (CSS) workforce readiness certifications. Each of these study guides are written by industry professionals, and feature chapter quizzes and practice exams. ETA members receive a discount on the ETA study guides. Bulk discounts are also available.

Bestsellers Top selling books of 2017

Congratulations to our Technician and Educator of the Year! And his/her Bestsellers

Bruce Moran Author/Publisher

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